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Our Story

Claudia Avery, owner of First Maid and Florida Cleaning Concepts, came from a huge family (nine children). Even as a little girl, she was expected to clean as a part of her chores. Well, her brothers despised cleaning so much they would pay Claudia to clean for them. This is when she discovered two things, first she discovered that she was a good cleaner and second she discovered that she liked being an entrepreneur. So while she was working for the Duval County School Board, she ventured out on her own during the summer break to make some extra money ... this was almost 15 years ago.

Claudia realized how much pleasure and satisfaction she got out of seeing how much her work made a difference in the lives of others. Claudia decided to quit her job to start a cleaning business, and we have been growing strong ever since!

In addition to running a busy maid service, Claudia and First Maid participates in the Cleaning for a Reason program to help women who are undergoing cancer treatment. Claudia has determined to help these women out by offering four free months of house cleanings to each woman assigned to her.

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