About Us

Who First Maid is:

My name is Claudia Avery. I am the owner of First Maid. Family is particularly important to me. I come from a large family, an exceptionally large family. My mother had nine children, and let’s not forget all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and family friends.

Our home was a place of awe, always busy, always chaos. But it was beautiful chaos. My mother orchestrated it wonderful. We were each given chores to perform each day, from cleaning the house to washing the dishes.

I first started cleaning the house when I was a little girl and I then became an entrepreneur when my siblings would pay me to do their chores. This is where I discovered how much I enjoy cleaning. I gained a sense of satisfaction from cleaning.

About 25 years ago, I started my cleaning company. Please believe me when I tell you that we will work hard to get your business and even harder to keep your business. We want your business. We want to clean your home. Please call us now and let us help you get more valuable free time and allow you to fully enjoy your home!

Our Core Values

We have spent hours thinking and praying about what elements shape us because we know that our values determine who we are and identify our purpose.


We believe that we should be dependable. We should be there when we say we will be there. If we say that we are going to do something, it needs to be handled.


We believe in giving back to our community. We do this in a variety of ways.


You need to trust us. We work hard to earn and keep your trust. This is the backbone of our company.


Someone once said that integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. We agree with this!


We believe that when we are concerned with others, whether our clients or our employees, we are benefit.


We need to treat everyone with compassion and respect.