Cleaning for a reason

Cleaning for a reason

ATTENTION: Cleaning for a Reason is in need of financial help. We have set up a page where you can donate to help this wonderful organization. First Maid doesn’t receive any of the money. 

Your Wonderful Donation Goes Straight To Cleaning For A Reason! Just Click On This Link Or Scan This QR Code To Go To The Donation Page.

Cleaning for a Reason provides free maid service to patients battling cancer. When cancer makes life at home difficult, our trusted network of residential cleaners, cleaning industry volunteers, and community volunteers come together to support cancer patients and their families.

First Maid has long been a supporter and member of the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. Maid services throughout the United States have cleaned more than 41,000 homes for women suffering from cancer as part of the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. Cleaning for a Reason is the nation’s first non-profit organization dedicated to providing free house cleaning services for anyone undergoing cancer treatment.

Claudia Avery, founder of First Maid, says, “People battling cancer have more important concerns than cleaning their homes, and I thought this was a wonderful way to use my talents to help those in need and to give back to the community.” Claudia said when she first heard about Cleaning for a Reason in 2009, she knew this is how she could give support to so many people who are struggling and suffering from cancer.

Debbie Sardone, Founder of Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, said, that one day in 2006, she received a call from a woman with cancer needing to have her home cleaned but this woman was unable to because of her treatment draining her energy as well as this woman couldn’t afford the added cost. Debbie said that this call touched her heart and changed her life; she was so struck by this woman’s dilemma that she set out to build start an organization to handle such needs. Thus, Cleaning for a Reason was born. “Maid services have been doing this in small ways for years. Many cleaning companies have had a hard time turning down a woman who needs her house cleaned when she is battling cancer and cannot afford a maid service. I decided to form a foundation so that we could extend support across the entire country.”

Since its founding in 2006, Cleaning for a Reason and its partners have provided free home cleaning for more than 41,000 cancer patients and their families across all 50 states and Canada. These services are valued at more than $14 million.
The monthly pledges from individual maid services help fund the Foundation’s administrative expenses, while consumer donations are earmarked entirely for cleaning homes for any person with cancer.

We at First Maid are proud of our efforts in Jacksonville to support the people who are struggling to win their fight with cancer. It’s great to know that our cleaning service helps with keeping a healthy home for these brave people.
We focus on your home, so you can focus on your health!
Any woman, man, or child recovering from cancer surgery or in active cancer treatment may apply for services. Please note that First Maid volunteers their services and are not compensated in any way.

When Cleaning for a Reason matches a person or family with First Maid, they receive a total of two free home cleanings, that is one general cleaning a month for up to two months.

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